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My Portfolio

I need to be upfront with my portfolio, there is little I'm allowed to publicly share (due to security clearance, intellectual property and non-disclosure agreements)

What this page shows you is some work I can discuss as well as a description of my process and the way I work across a variety of projects!

Sam pointing off screen


From paper to end product

A whiteboard depicting some hand drawn interface elements
Digital versions of wireframe elements

A brief example of some low fidelity wireframing I created whilst working at Roke Manor Research for an AI Video search engine concept 


Making technical concepts easy to understand

The above are some examples of conceptualising how an interface might look in a virtual world, these were created to show potential applications of Virtual/Mixed Reality for Military usage whilst working at Roke Manor Research.



Constant personal and professional improvement

When it comes to my own development I use a couple of toolsets to see how I'm performing. 
The main one I use is the Digital, Data and Technology Profession Capability Framework used in UK Government. I find it's a good way of tracking proficiency and seeing where and how to improve.

Otherwise pictured here is a UX skills matrix template I also use to see where my skills lie. It's handy to revisit this every so often to see what to improve and where I'm confident in!

Image by Milad Fakurian
A UX Skills matrix with colours to represent the different skill levels


"He presents his work concisely and confidently and gives his reasonings for his decisions"

JJ Kaur

Sopra Steria



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Let’s Work Together

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